Employees’ safety, health, and well-being are inherent features in the employer-employee relationships. In modern corporate setup, it is the employers’ primary responsibility to ensure employees’ safety against foreseeable dangers and risks, when performing their job duties as well as traveling on an official trip. An online tool to track employee business travel can help the businesses tackle many challenges that an employee may face during their corporate trips, such as accidents, theft, scheduling delays, lost document or luggage, and the most obvious dangers, like hijackings, missing persons, fatalities, and natural disasters.

The businesses are expected to analyze and evaluate the risk level an employee may face, d...

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Partnering with a corporate travel agency is a lucrative way to provide your business with smart travel management solutions. Corporate travel administration agencies aim to help you with the process of trip planning, booking, and making it as flawless as possible. A dedicated Account Manager works as your Travel Manager – except that they are not in your payroll.

Account Manager’s role includes analyzing trends to negotiate direct corporate rates with vendors on your behalf, spot trends and advise on cost savings and travel program opportunities. They also match agency’s resources to client’s needs, maximizing savings.

Travel DiscountsSince corporate travel agencies work with a variety of customers and consequent...

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Have you asked yourself how your company is controlling unused tickets?

With technological advancement and new corporate travel needs, business organizations strive to be well prepared for future challenges along with meeting short and long-term organizational goals. However, corporate plans can still be uncertain in spite of its strategic planning and well-formulated business agendas. Consequently, events are rescheduled and meetings get canceled, inevitably causing unutilized airline ticket. But should organizations really consider it as an unavoidable loss? With Corporate Travel Management program, an organization can enjoy unutilized ticket management solution which ensures that the organization retains the maximum value from its unu...

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Corporate Travel is one of the highest headers in a firm’s ledger with any travel requirement. Though corporate travel is a source of bringing in more clients and revenues, it can be deficient for the company if it is not managed well. Travel Management refers to the designing and managing travel requirements in order to bring maximum benefits to the company with lowest possible costs.

Maintaining useful travel data is not easy. Many firms face the problem of not having relevant data of past travels and inability to consolidate reports when they are needed the most. This undervalued problem arises during the budgeting season. Organized data can provide statistics relevant for future travel plans.

Another major hurdle to cost effect...

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