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Grand Opening of the Hyatt Place Champaign!


The opening of Hyatt Place Champaign/Urbana marks the first Hyatt-branded hotel to open in downtown Champaign. Located in the active part of downtown, specifically at the intersection of Neil St. and Church St., the Hyatt Champaign is conveniently located within walking distance of over 30 restaurants and bars, as well as attractions such as the Virginia Theatre. Furthermore, for anyone interested in visiting the University of Illinois, Hyatt Champaign is only a few minutes away. The Hyatt place brand, launched in 2006, is a perfect combination of style and casual hospitality. With the multitasking travelers’ lifestyle in mind, Hyatt has created a wonderful destination featuring 145 spacious rooms, each with a 42 inch HDTV alongside free Wi-Fi and hot breakfast with your stay. Other offerings include 3,200 square feet of meeting/function space and a 24/7 “Gallery Menu” serving made to order entrees and appetizers. Victor Patterson, general manager of the brand new hotel, says that “…The Hyatt Place brand was designed for a lifestyle, not a demographic, and as a result, we are confident that everyone from business travelers to students’ parents will appreciate the open, intuitive design, casual atmosphere and practical amenities…” A little something for everyone, the Hyatt Place Champaign/Urbana is seemingly a top option for visitors of downtown Champaign.

Introducing Our Newest Promotion! Jet to Nizuc Suite!

Phenom-300-exterior_003B2-1024x4842Ultimate Jet Vacations is excited to announce our newest travel package promotion, Jet To Nizuc Suite! Guests have the option of flying direct to their suite at the beautiful Nizuc Resort & Spa, aboard UJV’s very own private jet, the Embraer’s Phenom 300. We take pride in being experts in the creation of a private jet experience, something that no other travel company offers! Hop on our Phenom 300 and arrive at Nizuc Resort & Spa hours earlier compared to domestic flights. Great for corporate travel, tight schedules or simply individuals who want to get on the beach as quickly as possible, the Jet to Suite package is all about convenience paired with luxury. Spend your time at Nizuc and the gorgeous Riviera Maya rather than dealing with the inconveniences of standard travel. Furthermore, our Phenom is stationed in Miami, Florida, the true gateway to the Caribbean, making your travel time that much easier. Imagine waking up the day of your trip knowing you will be completely taken care of. Door to door service, no TSA security checks and ultimate privacy throughout the entire travel time, we have created an itinerary suited for guests who appreciate the idea of quality. Without the lines, waiting, lost luggage, transfers and all the other standard issues, we are sure guests will be a lot more relaxed and prepared for their luxury vacation. Another important quality we take pride in offering is ultimate privacy. Once aboard your private jet, you can make productive use of your travel time, rather than dealing with a crying baby.  All in all the Jet to Suite package is here for guests to add that extra special touch to what is surely a wonderful vacation to Nizuc.nizuc-logo-design

Dont settle for an average flight experience!

Recently I was fortunate (or unfortunate) enough to experience flying coach all the way to Italy.  Yes, the experience was less than memorable. No personal televisions paired with microwave dinners and an uncomfortable seat made the already long flight feel that much longer. Even first class seemed somewhat basic given the price tag, the seats reclined and there was personal service… but that’s about it. Given the circumstances and the 21st century passion for privacy and luxury, you’d think accommodations would be made for such a journey. The majority of airlines, however, maintain a certain decent standard for their exclusive travelers. There are a few however who have realized the opportunity to stand out.


FC_Private_SuFC_Private_SuiteCase in Point, Emirates and their A380 First Class Private Suite. The dreadful 10+ hour transatlantic flight has finally been conquered. Guests can enjoy a fully equipped private suite with a sliding door, a personal mini-bar, and its own vanity table, mirror and wardrobe. Moreover the seat reclines completely down into a bed. This however, is not much different than any other luxury first class accommodations. Emirates goes a step further…Guests can refresh mid-flight in the signature Shower Spa then head over to the Onboard Lounge where cocktails and conversation can help you forget that you’re thirty-thousand feet in the air. Simple but elegant improvements such as these can easily change the entirety of your vacation. No longer do you have to spend your first days recovering.

 So, next time your ready to hop aboard any airliner and just bear the flight, remember there are a few options that can change dread to delight.


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Why Hawaii is more than a wedding destination.


`I do’… The second-most used phrase in Hawaii, after `Aloha’ of course. Hawaii has long been one of the most popular destinations in the world for weddings, so much so that it has earned a somewhat “cheesy” reputation. There is a clear reason why though; Beautiful beaches, amazing weather, and a luxurious escape sounds like an ideal location. However, people may be surprised to find what Hawaii really offers past a sandy aisle.



Extreme sports?

Ever heard of canyoneering? It’s pretty much the opposite of hiking or rock climbing. That is, the objective is to start at the top of the mountain and work your way down.

Seems simple, but depending on the landscape you may find yourself downhill hiking, rappelling and even occasionally cliff jumping. So instead of visiting the great Oahu waterfalls for a nice photography backdrop, strap in and get to rappelling. Beginners are recommended to canyoneer with a professional guide, as it is probably a little more dangerous than your average outdoor activity.




Take a real tour.

As far as landscape, Hawaii has more than enough to see. Instead of the classic bus tour, get a more personal experience with specialty tour groups such as Wild Side. Their guided snorkeling tours are ranked #2 in National Geographic’s “Top 10 Trips with a Splash”. Encounter whales, native green sea turtle and entire dolphin pods rather than lying by the pool all day.


Actually relax.

Get off the popular sands like Waikiki and Duke Kahanamoku Beach and venture to different, more secluded beaches. There is so many different places you can find great beaches at, why pack into one location like sardines? Try Kahala Beach, Oahu… this secret beach hides behind the backyards of the priciest real estate on the island and boasts significant populations of sea horses in the coral. Not interested in swimming? Head over to Kiowea Park in Molokai for some of the best sunsets the island has to offer. Wherever you find yourself, make sure to kick back, relax and be glad you’re on vacation…

Air France introduces new Suite!

May 7, 2014- Air France unveiled its new La Première Suite aboard their Air France Boeing 777-300. 

airbus In an effort to once again separate from the competition, Air France has introduced the world to more than just a seat, but a private suite. The brand new La Première cabin ensures ultimate privacy (totally or at a minimum partially alone) while fortifying the idea of absolute comfort.  The large seat can adapt into different forms alongside a personal 24-inch HD touch screen.

Privacy has long been a major issue aboard commercial flights. Air France, alongside their new La Première cabin, has resolved this standard inconvenience. Each suite is dressed with thick curtains that can be totally controlled by the passengers themselves. If closed, the passenger becomes totally isolated in his or her own private space. If and when the passenger is ready to sleep, the crew will install a mattress directly on the seat. Moreover, a pillow and personal duvet are provided.

Fortunate for friends and family, the suite can also be enjoyed with a fellow passenger. Directly across the main seat, another comfortable seat and an ottoman allows for company throughout the flight.

Clearly Air France has a made a progressive step to once again improve their passengers flight experience. More space and privacy paired with overall luxury will surely spark interest in the eyes of customers who are looking for a new flying standard.

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Personal Reflection- Life in Barcelona

photo 1

There is something for everyone in Barcelona. Four months, in my opinion, is enough to see a city for what it truly is. I have experienced the city inside and out, not only through the eyes of a tourist but as a “local.” I remember the day I considered myself a local for the first time. More often than not, I traveled through the city using Barcelona’s well-coordinated public transportation system. On this day, I remember realizing that I knew exactly where I was going and not thinking twice about it.

It occurred to me that I had moved past the usual tourist spots, and had begun to enjoy Barcelona as a resident. One of my best decisions was to immerse myself completely into what was in front of me. Instead of Starbucks, I found myself next door in the traditional cafeteria, drinking significantly better coffee while continually immersing myself in the Spanish culture and language. But the difference in coffee is not what really stands out. Surprisingly, American culture is shut off as soon as you walk through the doors. No Internet, no SportsCenter, and most importantly no English. From this point, you open yourself to experience so much more than a vacation.

photo 4photo 3As for the city itself, the classic laidback Spanish aura is overwhelmingly present; with sophisticated architecture, elegant apartments, and cafés every three blocks, Barcelona wonderfully displays traditional European city centers. However, the liveliness is constant. The energy is provided by either the consistent flow of tourist traffic in Plaza Catalunya, or the very wild middle age generation that fuels nightlife. With so much to do, you can find yourself dangling your legs off a historic war bunker overlooking the city and later lay side-by-side with the most beautiful people in the world on the renowned Barcelona beaches.

Travel is More than Having a Destination in Mind.

You’re planning a European vacation but can’t decide which of the 28 European Union Member Countries you want to visit. Naturally, the UK, Spain, Italy and France seem like good choices. They are among the most popular tourist spots in the world, and you actually know a few cities. Why not visit a place that everyone always talks about?

I was fortunate enough to have the opportunity to travel to not only popular well-known countries in the EU but also the lesser-known travel destinations. While I enjoyed and appreciated major tourist locations such as Madrid and Rome, smaller, less popular cities such as Prague (Czech Republic) and Interlaken (Switzerland) left a larger impression on me.  Here’s why.

Disparity in culture: prague

A true travel experience, in my opinion, must force a traveler comfortably outside their element. London will not truly achieve this goal. Visiting Prague, however, offers a temporary change of lifestyle and overall experience. The people, places, and of course food are beautifully different. This uniqueness will go a long way during your time vacationing but more importantly once you’ve returned home.



“Hidden Gems”:swiss

Every city has a reason for inhabitance. There are always one or two things that are better in a particular city than anywhere else in the world. For example, Interlaken, Switzerland. A total population of 5,000 people, no major historical sites or clubs, yet it was one of my favorite trips. Nestled perfectly alongside the Swiss Alps, Interlaken had the best skiing terrain I had ever experienced. That being said, I could have easily saved money and time by traveling to Andorra, France for a sub-par weekend skiing trip.  While both locations offer the same activity, think about which trip would carry on with you past the few hours on the slopes.

In closing, even if it means spending a little extra money or enduring that 6 hour train ride through the middle of nowhere, don’t be afraid to take the road less traveled. Remember, you may only get the chance to travel Europe once or twice in a lifetime… So choose wisely.