Macedonia – the next Balkan destination

The next Balkan destination.

First came Croatia, then Montenegro — even Albania is gaining traction on the western Balkan travel circuit. Macedonia is next.Known for its moody monasteries and sparkling Lake Ohrid, this former Yugoslav republic is making a play for adventure foodies, too. It makes sense.
Places like the Shar Mountains abound in Alp-like hiking while Macedonia’s wine industry — once responsible for the bulk of Yugoslavia’s supply — is enjoying a rebound with local producers. Scores of smaller hotels serving traditional soups and pastries like pastrmajlija, a meat pie, have opened to replace cold socialist haunts. Old establishments like the Hotel Montana Palace
in cheese-friendly Krusevo offer newly renovated settings at low Balkan prices. And Macedonia is one of the few places without a McDonald’s — they all closed in 2013.


Article written by Tim Neville