Our Team

David Mendal

CEO and Chairman of Forest Travel & Affiliate Companies

Carlos Edery

SVP of  Forest Travel & Affiliate Companies

Mercedes Carciente

Air Sales Director

Jhonny Stathopoulou

Vice President

Rosa Conroy

CFO of Forest Travel & Affiliate Companies

Claudia Viola

Accounting Director

Carmen Stinson

Corporate Travel Director

Stacy Weigant

Director of Diamond Luxury Division & Luxury/Exotic Travel Designer

Liora Manilof

Leisure Director / Luxury Lifestyle Manager

Mateo Echeverry

Marketing Director

Miriam Omphroy

Accredited Space Agent / Private Travel Manager

Juan José Lozano

Corporate Travel Manager

Debbie Heim

Corporate and Leisure Senior Travel Specialist

Ramon Ludena

Corporate Travel Specialist

Magnolia Quintana

Special Services Manager

Alfredo Schmulson

Corporate Travel Advisor

Talya Cohen

Luxury Concierge Specialist

Martha Escobar

Luxury Travel Advisor

Alexandra Vega - Navia

Leisure and Corporate Travel Specialist

Sonia Lucia Villamizar

Corporate Travel Consultant

Angie Vasco

Air Department Specialist

Patty Rojas

Air Department Specialist

Veronica Calle

Luxury Travel Advisor

Becky Knorpel

Accounting Assistant

Nayeli Abreu

Aviation Administrator

Aurora Lian

Luxury Meetings & Events Manager