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When that rocket motor ignites you will really know you are alive!! Instantly you will be pushed down and back into your seat by high g-forces – not so high that they are dangerous but definitely high enough to be fun. Within 10 seconds you will be traveling supersonic and within 30 seconds at around 3.5 times the speed of sound – literally faster than a speeding bullet. You will travel like that vertically out of the atmosphere and it's not just about the physical experience…the view will be amazing. Within seconds you'll see the sky change from the blue we are all used to through the black, passing through all kinds of amazing colors in between.

Can you just imagine it? The 4 minutes in space is just the cherry on top of an amazing experience ride that starts from the day you book your seat. The day is almost here. Don't delay - reserve your experience of a lifetime.

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Accredited Space Agent

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This morning, Sir Richard Branson & Virgin Galactic, the pioneers of space travel were featured on NBC! With space tourism launching in 2014, the entire world waits in anticipation of this historic and exciting event...

Virgin Galactic Goes Supersonic!

For the 2nd time Virgin Galactic Spaceship Enterprise has broken the sound barrier, reaching new altitudes...

UPDATE: Ticket Prices Increase Beginning June 1st!

Our long-awaited and extremely successful rocket-powered test flight last month marked one of the most significant steps towards the start of commercial operations scheduled for next year.

Coinciding with these major milestones in the project, Virgin Galactic will now be implementing a price increase on the Space Tickets.

Beginning June 1st space ticket prices will now increase to US $250,000.00

Sound-Breaking News: Virgin Galactic Breaks the Speed of Sound!

The first Rocket-Powered flight of SpaceShipTwo (SS2) is not only breaking new grounds but the Speed of Sound as well! Read on to find out how this recent development has accelerated to the top of headlines everywhere.