When you go on an active/nature tour you can enjoy the great fresh air in the outdoors while experiencing the beauty of Mother Nature in different areas all over the world. From tours where you get to explore native birds to tours where you get to visit beautiful waterfalls and volcanoes, a nature tour is refreshing for anyone.


Car tours give you the opportunity to be in control of your journey while providing you with the in-depth experience of an escort. Not only do you discover many breath-taking sights but also you get to do it from the comfort of the vehicle without any interruptions.

Cruise (Pre & Post)

A river cruise provides its travelers with the best of both worlds. While admiring sightseeing tours and panoramic views throughout your trip, you also get to engage in off-shore activities; giving you the ultimate experience!

Day/Shore Excursions

Day/Shore excursions give you a taste of what you can do on water, on land, and even in the air during your time at port. They give you the opportunity to mingle with the locals, visit historical sights, shop ‘til you drop and simply experience all the must-sees that you wouldn’t be able to find on your own


Escorted tours are usually among the most popular of tours. They are directed by a tour guide who takes care of all services from beginning to the end of the tour.


Group tours are designed to explore city’s history, architecture, culture and people while making some pretty incredible memories with your traveling companions.


Independent tours are designed for the independent-minded travelers. They offer the flexibility to discover sites and attractions on your own, while at the same time with the assurance that the basic necessities such as accommodation and transportation have been secured.

Motor coach

Motor Coach tours are comforting, safe, and convenient for any traveler. Whether you wish to go on a one-day or multiple-day tour, these tours allow you to explore and enjoy the scenery without having to worry about driving, traffic, or anything that might take away from the experience.


With a private tour you can travel at your own pace with your own tour guide. These tours are very flexible from beginning to end; the adventuring and sightseeing starts whenever you choose. During a private tour you have the opportunity to take full advantage of everything your destination has to offer.

Private Jet

A Private jet gives you the comfort and tranquility you need when traveling.


Rail tours offer a distinctive type of vacation to its travelers. While most of the transportation is via rail, it has been an attraction for many years. Rail tours will give you an incredible view, comfort and excitement, for a journey you will never forget.

Special Interest

If you’re looking for a tour tailored to your special interest, Forest Travel will assist you in finding the ideal tour to fit your traveling needs. Begin by letting us know where you wish to travel and leave the rest to us to handle everything from airfare, hotels, transportation, and sight seeing.